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Request Line

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The Connor Party with Four Count Concepts have developed the Mobile Request Line© designed for use with iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The songlist is for our listeners to communicate with us during our live shows.

Pull up on your iPhone, Android device or iPad and look at the SONGLIST section of this site, and touch the title of the song you would like to hear. Your email browser will open with that song title in the subject line. Just hit SEND.

We'll get your request instantly on stage and get right to your song (as soon as you tip us ;-). Have fun with it! The songlist on the website is not all of our material, but can give you a good idea of our songs which are not listed, so feel free to yell out a request (overly cliche' songs will be ignored). We have no problem learning a few songs for your special event as well...within reason ;-)

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